Thursday, June 12, 2014

Charisma & Character

I have no time yet to reflect on the church camp but the 5 sessions have turned into 6 when the pastor asked me last minute whether I could do a wrap-up. I took some 20 minutes to sum up the salient points of the 5 sessions and the best line surely would be in the 3rd session on David's travails when I said of David, "charisma and character is a potent combination." God allowed David to go through hardships for more than 10 years as an outlaw in order to shape his character until he could really become a man after God's heart. I am glad that several young people came forward for prayers and not just the seniors, 40 years old and above. I thank the Lord that some of youths were moved by God's Spirit throughout the Camp and I trust in the Lord that their lives will never be the same again.
I also said that unless you have some charisma by that I mean, moral and spiritual authority for a life lived in Christ one can hardly be effective preachers of God's Word. One brother told me after I sang, "hey you are a musician not a preacher" which I think is only partly true because only David was the sweet psalmist of Israel and I am the occasional singer of the Lord's songs and his mouthpiece.

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