Friday, June 27, 2014

My Books Have Found a Home

Things are falling into place. In the midst of catching up with friends over lunches and coffee in the past several days, I have found a home for my books. The books will be kept at a Seminary library in Singapore for 2 years and students/faculty can access them including short term loans. Why 2 years? I just told my pastor friend when he noted that it was my Jubilee year (50th) and also my sabbatical (7th year) that I could afford to take 2 years off work.
Many of my friends could not fathom how I could contemplate ceasing active ministry for 12 months or even 2 years. That's the plan anyway but if something crops up (and it usually does), I will be raring to go where and when the Lord bids. But now it is still waiting time, waiting on the Lord for my times are in Your hand, O Lord (Psalm 31).

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