Saturday, June 28, 2014

Capacity to Love

Why was David loved by God? David was like God. David had a capacity to love just as God is love and anyone who does not truly love has not known what love is truly. David loved Jonathan and Jonathan loved David. The capacity to love is what distinguishes followers of Jesus Christ and nominal Christians. As I reflect my 6 years of life as a lecturer and if there was any impact at all it was my capacity to love. To go beyond duty and loved my students in Christ was no easy task.
I have taught classes as big as 128 students and as small as 6 in my MMin course on leadership 3 years ago. When I cleared my things this morning I wanted to bring with me the 20 cards or so which to me have great sentimental value. If I had kept all the cards I received it must total more than 100 from churches where I preached from Sabbath to Sabbath and Sunday to Sunday. But several cards stood out, not just the biggest card I ever got from my last NT 2 class but more so from the Day of Prayer committee in 2012. The chairman drew me a stick unicorn and expressed words that I could not repeat here lest readers think I am boasting beyond measure. Another card of the 7 branched menorah ordered direct from Israel with Hebrew words inscribed around it. It is simply awesome. If we have the capacity to love because love edifies, people will remember us and our labours of love, all for the glory of God.

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