Thursday, June 26, 2014

This World is So Foreign

As I worship the Lord, I feel Him close, his angels surround Him and bring us near to Him. When you have this vision of the next world, this world is so foreign. That should be a cause of concern when most Christians spend their waking moments thinking about this world but not the world to come. Take me home Lord where You dwell eternally for in Your presence there is fulness of joy and at Your right hand pleasures forevermore. I have no desire on earth beside Thee O Lord. To be with You where You are is my only desire; to behold Thy face and thy beauty in thy sanctuary O God! Earthly matters tire me today.
I have almost finished packing. 80% has been done by my wife and I am just mopping up, even the crumbs under Your table Lord are better than the delicacies of the rich and mighty, O Lord. I hope to move most of my books to a Seminary in the city and my personal effects to a flat in Clementi. Soon I will join the ranks of 80% of Singaporeans who live in HDB (housing development board) flats. LORD, this world is so foreign. Come Lord Jesus come!

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