Friday, June 6, 2014

"I will go about the City"

It is one of those mornings that I could not get back to sleep after awakened at 4am. So after a short devotion, I left home at 5.30am and took a bus to tour the city of Singapore. It is still dark as I write but the dawn is just upon us. In the Song of Songs, the beloved rises in the night and goes about the city to find her lover until she finds him and brings him back to her mother's chambers. LORD, You are a God who hides yourself. I will seek you until I find you, even in the city where I live. The Lord hides himself betimes lest we take his presence for granted. He will arouse his desire in us to seek him afresh. "Do not arouse my beloved until he pleases" another line from the Song of Songs.
In Hebrew idiom, the song of songs means the best song and if it is the best song in the Bible, it must mean something profound, not only Christ's love for his beloved, but also our love for him, each individual individually and each individual as a member of his body, the church, Christ's love for us, individually and corporately is without question. In the Song of Songs, the love of the beloved for his lover represents our love for the Lord individually. There is no one-sided affair. Love is love when both sides meet and unite in love. LORD I will go about the city of Singapore to find You per chance I meet You and that You would have mercy on this city!

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