Monday, January 12, 2015

Back to College

I was up and ready by 6am to go to the Bible College to commence the new academic year. It was a 15min drive, exactly 17kms from home. It is orientation week and most of the lecturers came back late last night and a few turned up this morning. I was told on Christmas day that I would be teaching Introduction to the Old Testament for first year students in the 4-year B.Theol. program. Yesterday my schedule was packed from 5am till 9pm.
I preached twice from the Gospel of Matthew. Yes, it will be Matthew's gospel and not Luke's or John's Gospel. So I will preach one sermon from OT (Psalms) and the other sermon from NT, namely the first Gospel. During the mid-week service, I will preach from Paul's letter, still deciding between Colossians and 1 Corinthians. The second service reached 100 worshippers yesterday and when students return to school, this Sunday we expect a full house for both services. I am already thinking of enlarging the tent of meeting and I was told that there is still enticing 3-unit shophouse nearby but the rent is exorbitant, even in Ranau some 3-storey shophouse is going for RM 13,000.00 per month rental. After the second service the elders and my family went for lunch at the Chairman's expense. He is a generous soul and we need leaders like that. Straight after lunch we went to the church office which is below my apartment and we had our first elders' meeting. There were 6 elders and myself making it a perfect 7. This year is election year where local churches elect leaders for a 3-year term followed by District level elections in May and the Denomination's elections at the end of November for the 4-member Executive council headed by the President. We finished at 5.25pm, an 4 hour long meeting. My good friend the KK city mayor came to visit at 6pm and we went out for dinner at 6.30pm. The mayor and his wife attended the first service where I preached on the genealogy of Jesus Christ for 45 minutes. Over dinner we bumped into the Ranau's police chief and it was good that I was introduced to the OCPD by the city Mayor who is a Ranau native. After that we went to the Mayor's house for coffee and it was 9pm before we got home.

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