Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Month that Was (2)

Besides preaching in church services, I also teach one subject at the College, about 20 mins drive away. I almost wept when I saw the library the other day. Physical structures and facilities have vastly improved but the number of books remains low. I was shocked to find out how few books were purchased in the last 18 years since my time as Treasurer.
We bought some 3,000 books over a 3- year period at that time. One wonders how Bachelor degree level program can be offered if library holdings do not reach 10,000 volumes. Having preached during Orientation week and two subsequent weeks of lectures, I felt as burdened as ever to see the College moves up a couple of notches in many things. As I know most faculty members well, I will try to offer my counsel as much as possible to uplift theological education in the indigenous church.

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