Friday, January 2, 2015

Up on the Mountains

The Lord is exalted. He dwells on a high place (Isa 33,6). It has been a hectic couple of days. I drove up to Ranau and arrived there at 7.30am New Year's Eve. That night I preached at 11.30pm and ended at the stroke of midnight and gave the benediction for New Year 2015.
Yesterday on New Year's day we had a series of informal meetings over breakfast, tea breaks and the chairman came to my house and we chatted for 2 hours as we waited for the church van to transport the former pastor and his family to his new place of ministry. Sad to see them go and although we only knew each other in the past 2 days we bonded and I spent some time transporting the pastor and his family to do end of the year shopping. I was told only 4 out of 12 pastors in Ranau district of 25 churches own cars. Today will be my first day at office officially and I shall be preaching the next 3 Sundays and many weekday meetings besides.

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