Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Week 2015

Thanks to my wife, I am pretty much settled in my new home. Yesterday we drove to my wife's village to pick up an old washing machine and we were back in Ranau by 10am. Amazingly that was about the only thing missing in my apartment. Furnished with new beds and mattresses, I have been sleeping soundly in Ranau's cool weather at night. My office is downstairs and it is an ideal place to prepare for sermons. We have almost daily meetings and services.
Monday is my day off. Yesterday was our prayer meeting. Tonight we have a mid-week meeting, a full service with worship and preaching. Thursday I am going to my chairman's farm and he has asked me to lead a homegroup for his 10 workers or so. Friday is our weekly homegroups in 5 nearby villages. My elders and I will go to each of the villages. Saturday is youth service followed by worship rehearsal for Sunday. It is a tradition for the Sunday services to have two different sermons as most leaders would attend both services and they rather not listen to the sermon repeated which is fine with me since I don't like repeating sermons even on the one Sunday. I think it has been a good start. Last Saturday night I went to my District Superintendent's New Year open house and met several fellow pastors there. Last Monday I met the Chairman of the Inter-Church  fellowship from Basel. He was very friendly and brought me to meet his church's chairman.

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