Monday, January 26, 2015

Office Space

I have been given a wonderful office. The blinds came in last week and two book shelves now stand where my few books could lodge. After an 5.30am to 5pm day yesterday where lunch in the church office was prepared by our women folks we were already in meeting mode while enjoying some fine cooking before the meeting proper. In the city if we have an event like this, we would probably cater. But here we saved at least half the costs cooking home/office meals.
It is good that today is my day off, just have the time to reflect on the 4 Sundays past and plan ahead. We have local church elections for deacons in mid March, so my plan for a leaders' retreat can only take place early May during Wesak holidays. Later this afternoon I will probably go to College to spend some time in the library since my bibliography for my OT course is mostly in English and I need to find some Malay references.

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