Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pain Unending & Irony of Parental Love

Two weeks ago I preached about King David and his strained relationship with his sons. David was a great king, loved by almost all his subjects but his own family was chaotic. His wife, Michal despised him, his sons tried to overthrow him. David was a complex character, none more so as portrayed in 2 Sam 13 to 19. With 7 chapters devoted to the Absalom episode, it must be a pivotal part in the life and reign of David as king. Sometimes, great leaders are beset with family problems. How did David react as king? How did he react as father?
While David could say in anguish, "my own son wants to take my life," but when Absalom's life was taken, David mourned and cried out in despair, "Absalom, Absalom" and Joab was right when he rebuked the king for being selfish, prefering his treacherous son to all his loyal subjects who risked their lives to help David regained his throne. Thus, lies the irony of a father's love. No matter how bad a son turns out, the son is still a son and if it is possible the father would choose to die for his son instead like God's love for the world that He delivered his own Son to die for the rebellious and sinful humanity.

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