Monday, January 26, 2015

Jubilee is Half Gone

I read in New Zealand Herald today that a few famous Kiwis are turning 50 this year. I have watched them on TV growing up. Half of my Jubilee is gone. What a day to remember! It is Australia Day and it is also Auckland anniversary day. It is the mid-point of my Jubilee. Technically my sabbatical is over but spiritual I have 6 months to go. In fact I have entered into a perpetual Jubilee for those who believed have entered into rest as God did on the 7th day.
50 is also the retirement age for priests and technically I am retired from active work but spiritually the 2nd half of my life and ministry has just begun. At this rate I may beat my record of 300 sermons in 3 years. May the Lord grant me a double portion of His Spirit to do His work in the last days.

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