Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In Weakness Your Strength is Made Perfect

After being awakened constantly by the bout of flu during the night I had practically given up hope of preaching at the College's morning service. In my mind I would call the person in charge as soon as it is morning to let him know I could not make it. But alas God's grace is made perfect in weakness. Despite traffic jams along the Ranau to Sandakan main trunk I made it to College 5mins past 8am. Within 10 mins I was asked to preach and I hadn't taken out my tablet out of my bag as I ascended to the pulpit. I preached for 39 mins from Jeremiah 3,15-16 and 2 Tim 3,14-17 on the role of pastors in restoring the church of God.
I spoke about the need for pastors with knowledge and understanding to lead the church and when that happens the churches invariably grow not just in spiritual maturity but also numerically. Then I expounded on the need to master the whole of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and what it takes to be equipped or made proficient for the Lord's work. I shared a number of my experiences, as a student in theology and also as lecturer as the faculty members were present and I thought they should be ministered to as well. Met up with an old friend who is translating some Malay materials into English and we chatted for an hour over brunch with local delicacies, red rice, jaruk and mixed vegetables, all so delicious and timely after a morning's work. Now I am preparing for tonight's service, my 9th sermon in a fortnight. It seems that my sabbatical is long past and there will be many busy weeks and months ahead.

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