Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cold Showers, Warm Hearts & Large Spaces

I am down with a cold. Most likely due to a cold shower I took 2 days ago. I had tried for the optimum time to take a shower between 3 and 5pm. But in the past few days it has been raining and I could feel the cold chills from Mount Kinabalu. Night time temperatures probably fell to 18 degrees Celsius, unheard of in KK and it was like New Zealand weather during Spring. Further, 6 full sermons in 11 days took its toll somewhat and I still need to preach twice more tomorrow morning at the College and my church mid-week evening service. But it is exciting nonetheless because of warm hearts.
The leaders and church members responded well to the preaching thus far and I pray it won't be just because I am the new kid in town. The church office is spacious and we are getting a permanent clerk/Secretary and she will be starting tis afternoon. I am also excited with my participation as adjunct faculty at the College and I was just reflecting on what I left behind in Singapore, though not by any means IT advanced, but compared to what we have here in Ranau, it is like between heaven and earth. It must be said warm hearts makes up for the lack of facilities and the new Principal is a good friend and I can see that there is much potential in the College. We only have one or two projectors shared between 9 lecturers with 4 or 5 classes running simultaneously offering programmes from certificate to Bachelor degrees in theology.

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