Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rustic Ranau

I can't imagine myself in KK caught up in traffic jams daily. I was enjoying a plate of kueh tiau and admiring the rustic surroundings of Ranau. I felt at peace being in a place where the Lord wants me to be, similar to how I felt almost 7 years ago when I first set foot in Singapore. When you are in the will of God, you abide in peace because Jesus has spoken and said, "peace I leave with you." Ranau is very different than what it was 25 or 30 years.
Before the majority of the population was Christian and I think now at most 15% are believers. Other faiths have grown but Christianity has not made much impact in recent decades. The fervency of evangelism has died down long ago. Many churches are a shadow of their glorious past. I heard how one pastor walked for 8 miles to church from his village in the mid 1970s, up and down hills and valleys to go for worship. Now when most Christians own cars, it is good if we see them once a week without much commitment for ministry and to the larger body of Christ. Life has become too comfortable in recent years. There are so many channels on TV night and day, why bother attending services except the bare minimum. We want to enter heaven ultimately but why be too serious in the meantime. There are simply too many worldly Christians, some are even enemies of the cross, says the apostle Paul. But hence lies the challenge of ministry. Much prayers and intercession are needed until the Spirit is poured out from on high once again.

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