Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Leaders' Retreat

It has been quite a while since I had spoken for 4 days in a row. By the grace of God I managed to lead a leaders' retreat from 6pm yesterday to 2pm today. Altogether we had 5 sessions. The turnout was 40 leaders with a number of spouses attending and youth leaders as well. The Retreat was held in our conference room and it was fitted with a aircond for the occasion with a new set of speaker used for the first time since it was donated to the church last year.
To have about 40 adults seated and a keyboard and guitar with a large whiteboard at each end of the room and a table right in front was a sight to behold. After driving at break-neck speed from KK to Ranau in 90 mins yesterday, I arrived at 7.30am sharp in time to open the church gates for several members already waiting outside. For the first time since I became pastor I did not preach in church on Sunday as I rested myself to prepare for the Retreat. We accomplished much during the Retreat. We managed to discuss several important church ministry including opening homes for cell groups instead of just meeting in the church compound. Further, we agreed on a new order of worship after a lively discussion for an hour. In the final session we talked about how to improve church finances and planned to increase our budget for charitable causes including helping victims of natural disasters within the country and overseas.

Then relief came from the Lord. I was scheduled to preach tomorrow and twice on Sunday. But the speaker whom we invited for 17th May called me and told me he had an important appointment on 17th, so I asked him to come early and speak this Sunday. It was a mighty relief as I had to teach a final 3-hour class this Thursday and get on with marking papers. So with about a week's rest after an amazingly crazy long weekend I had had. But by God's grace and in Christ I can do all things for my sufficiency and strength is only in Him and Him alone. LORD I thank Thee for Your mercy in my life. Though I am not worthy before Thee but You have not cast aside Your servant. For Your Name's sake, lead me Lord in the straight and ancient paths.

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