Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Panting for Pentecost

As the deer pants for the water brooks so my soul yearns for Thee, Lord. Come Holy Spirit come and fill us afresh with Your living waters. Even as the Feast of Pentecost draws near, my heart yearns for Jerusalem. I often tell my students although I have not set my foot in the Holy Land, my spirit has often been there in the visions of God. I dream of Jerusalem. I sing the songs of the Lord concerning Jerusalem. We will sing my songs with the harps in the house of the Lord (Isaiah 38,20). LORD, how I long for the courts of the Lord. Did You not promise to measure those who worship between the sanctuary and the altar? (Rev 11,2). Count me as one of your worshippers. Build Your Temple, Lord. 
Next year or next Feast day in Jerusalem may come true for me, God willing. Lord, I have desired the place where your glory dwells, even in the midst of Jerusalem I will praise Thee among Your saints.

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