Friday, May 8, 2015

In the Year of my Jubilee

My Jubilee will end in July. But my work-sabbath's Jubilee ends only on 31st December 2015 since I started work on the 1st January this year. By July, I am truly into the 2nd half of my life and ministry. If Jesus had 3 phases in his ministry, today, tomorrow and the next day (Luke 13), I am well into my tomorrow the middle of my 2nd phase that will last 10 years or so. After that, the final phase of the next day will be my pre-retirement phase, in my 60s and then by God's grace into my 70s, my retirement phase but yet active in ministry if health permits (itinerant & writing perhaps). I doubt I will enter my 80s seeing the kind of work I am doing currently.
With hardly time to catch my breath, tonight I will be ministering in two cell-groups in a nearby village. Tomorrow I will have to oversee two rehearsals and on Sunday I will be preaching twice. Good things come in twos. Relief did not come as I decided that I needed to mount the pulpit on Mother's Day. We are planning for a new order of service and song leaders need be briefed and trained to take charge of the change. Change can be painful and I expect some teething problems in the next couple of weeks.

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