Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rooted in Ranau

There is no greater tonic than meeting fellow pastors and students at the Bible College. The SIB College celebrated its 50th anniversary since its founding on 28th May 1965. I had much encouragement from a senior pastor who served in one church for 21 years before moving on to another church. This is extremely rare in our denomination that practices an itinerant system for pastors. He spoke a word of comfort that he thought I should be where I am in the will of the Lord. I wish I could be as certain as he was. Am I rooted in Ranau?
I also met a former student who graduated in 1997 and he is doing well in Kota Belud. Tomorrow I am returning to the College for an end of the semester service where students are sent for their practical  assignments, in effect serving as trainee pastors under a senior pastor. I have the honour of preaching the commissioning sermon. What shall I say to your servants O Lord?

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