Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Learning to Stay Healthy

It has taken months for me to settle into my place of ministry in Ranau. I am not sure whether I have fully adjusted yet. After managing 2 Sunday services and chairing a council meeting until 5.30pm, I felt I was under the weather a little. It is not healthy to put 12 or 13 hours on a Sunday since I get up real early on Sunday to prepare for preaching and making sure everything is ready for the worship services. I tried to exercise every alternate day with bicycling around the block but that has not been that consistent.
The basketball court is just opposite in the school hall but I only visited twice as I had no friends to play with. My kind of sports like tennis, cricket and basketball are not the norm among my church members. I see mostly Chinese and a few Sino-Kadazans playing basketball. A few of my church friends go to the nearby gym but I am not that keen on gym. I like open field sports where I can breath the fresh air and engage with others. So I am not into sports that one can do alone like jogging or walking unless with friends. And eating well is also a challenge since there are only 2 or 3 eateries that are open in the evenings. I have become a regular customer in these two joints. I see sacrifice and suffering part of ministry, and there is no running away from it; whatever I can bear for the sake of the elect I will do it for the Lord's sake.

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