Sunday, June 7, 2015

Aftershocks & Aftermath

I preached through a series of aftershocks.  I felt the ground moving below my feet. Last night I preached at a combined youth meeting near the epicentre of the earthquake to about 200 youths. I visited the church in 1997 and this would be the first church I revisit among 60 or so churches I preached in during the mid 1990s. Half of the youths were not even born when I was last there. The worship was explosive  and I came to life, because I live therefore you will also live (John 14). I preached a powerful message with the theme "Obedience to God's Word invites the presence of the Triune God" based on a passage in John 14. About 40 youths came forward to be prayed for and rededicated their lives to the Lord. There are just too many distractions preventing the youths to read their Bibles and act on God's  Word. This morning I carried my knapsack up the pulpit to make a point on earthquake preparedness.
 I took my things packed out one by one. Light, water, dry foods, toilet roll, cash, panadols, and cash plus passport. I think it did get the congregation's attention and the preaching after the was easy though the topic was difficult. I concluded the 9 beatitudes with blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God and blessed are the persecuted for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. The city mayor of KK attended the 2nd service and my good friend the principal of the Bible College and his family was also there and I said a prayer for both of them in the benediction.

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