Thursday, June 11, 2015

Another big Aftershock

Today I experienced two tremors. At about 7.30am and another stronger one just a few minutes ago. I am under no illusions that the earth has quieted down. The south side of Mount Kinabalu suffered its largest rock fall and flattened a forest in its path, near where I started my ministry in Melangkap. From where I am I can see the physical landscape of the mountain forever altered. There are many landslides and visible scars or scratch marks. I have a bag ready to move away anytime from danger, God willing. I even showed my passport and some cash on Sunday as readiness not just to leave Ranau but Sabah and Malaysia altogether.
There will be earthquakes in various places, Jesus says in Matt 24. My son told me now everywhere was earthquake prone. Father and Son shared the feeling of tremors of 4 plus Richter scale in Dunedin last Tuesday and Saturday in Ranau. Tomorrow I am travelling 3 hours into the north east of Ranau, in the interior of Sabah and conduct an end time seminar. Nowadays I do not need to advertise such seminars. Nature itself is in conclusion and the earth shakes at the voice of the Lord calling its inhabitants to repent and to fear God before His Coming in wrath and majesty.

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