Sunday, June 28, 2015

Staying Sane & Shifting Sand

I felt I preached one of my worst sermons in months. Maybe fatigue is getting to me. The first service was intense though I was not preaching but I had to conduct the Lord's communion and had to make several important announcements.  We ended late at 9.55am when normally the worshippers from the 2nd service were already filling up the hall. In the past several weeks we noticed a spike in numbers, perhaps partly due to the quake effect. We have run out of seats in the 2nd service something unusual with 180 adults in the 2nd service and more than 250 in the first service. We need to service our aircon since with greater numbers come greater heat and less ventilation for all. With more church members the pastor has to work harder, more calls for visitation where on Friday before the end of the month combined service I visited a family some 10 kms away and preached a short homily for the occasion before rushing back to church and preached another 20 min sermon in pitch darkness. Yet the light of God's word shone through. Now I am preparing for the 6th message in 6 days and to stay sane I read law and politics in between sermon preparation. The judgment of the US supreme court on Friday granting gays the right to marry across 50 states is something revolutionary, earth shaking and fundamental as far as human development and progress is concerned.
A tipping point has been reached. The shifting sand shifts no more. It has sunk to the bottomless pit. It is a black day for Christians. On one hand you have a form of extremism that focuses on the exterior of how one dresses and the senseless violence committed in the name of religion and on the other hand a total break down in morality and perversion championed by the most powerful country in the world. Evil is called good and good evil. What is shameful in secret is now done openly. The decision may only affect the United States legally and formally but the ramifications of the decision reverberate around the world, not less in Singapore where the gay movement gains strength by the day and soon the government may give in to their demands as the new orthodoxy in the States and in almost every western country seeks to draw one and all into its vortex of immorality. The mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots has a cup filled with intoxicating wine of her fornication and the kings and the nations are drunk with it and mixed with it is the blood of the saints. Christian will be persecuted standing up for the truth that once delivered to the saints. God's word is eternal. Apostasy and break down in morality may be the news of  the day but they who endure to the end shall be saved.

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