Saturday, June 13, 2015

Earthquake & Interior Mission

For 36 hours I was totally cut off from civilization. It is kind of a mini bucket list that I wanted to visit and preach in all 34 SIB districts. Yesterday was my 31st district but the furthest I had ever gone from KK or Ranau. From Ranau it was 2.5 hours drive and most of it on gravel and muddy roads.
There was no electricity though electric poles were fixed 3 years ago but still no current flowing through it. I can't access my phone with Digi. Celcom is possible but it was a blessing in disguise as I was totally free from distraction. I preached a father's day sermon last night and today I conducted an end time seminar from 8.30am to 4pm. After all the speeches at the end, I managed to set off at 4.30pm. I rushed off without further pleasantries as I was afraid that it would be dark when I reached Ranau. I am glad for a 4x4 drive and it was not much of  a problem except it was the most challenging drive since I got back to Sabah.
The village is a beautiful place with trees and I always wonder why the Dusun people loved to open farms and lands far into the interior and literally it was at the edge of a forest.
There was no fan, no light and I could not sleep being kept up almost whole night by mosquitos. I thought I came prepared and I will be getting a mosquito net when I travel next. I was sweating profusely. It was good I brought with me three shirts. After long sleeve in the morning, in the afternoon session I changed into something casual. My car is covered all over with mud and tomorrow I will park it a bit further from church.  I don't want my church members to think I don't take care of my vehicle. And tomorrow I will be making a trip to the epicentre of the quake to make a small contribution to a victim's family from the Ranau pastors' fellowship.

There was a strong aftershock early this morning measuring 5.2 and I felt it in Malinsou some 60 kms away from Ranau. It seems I have a knack of escaping earthquakes. I was in KK last Friday when the first earthquake of 5.9 magnitude struck and now I was away on mission to Malinsou.  I have no doubt that what Jesus promises that He shall be with those who go to disciple all nations and teaching them to do all that Jesus had commanded. What a mission because of Him who commissions is faithful and that He is all powerful for all power in heaven and on earth is given to him.

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