Tuesday, January 10, 2017

College's Chaplain

Since I arrived back at College last Friday I had worked non-stop to get everything ready as College's Chaplain.  We are right in the middle of orientation now with six revival meetings (3 more to go) which I have to personally organise, direct and supervise. Thankfully the student council is very efficient and the committee in charge of spirituality is helping me this week and for the rest of the year. As we are a fully residential College, we have Sunday services as well and weekday morning Chapel throughout the week except Wednesdays. On Wednesday we have alternate Faculty morning fellowship and personal devotions and a weekly community lunch with a short prayer together after the community meal. All these fall on the Chaplain to organize, implement and supervise. Whenever a person, faculty or student cannot take his or her assigned duty, the Chaplain stands in and is ever ready.
I find in the past 5 days I had no time whatsoever to prepare for my lectures and thankfully I have the first couple of weeks' lectures prepared beforehand. I also teach English on Wednesday night and one staff is taking the elementary class while I tackle the more advance or intermediate level. It is huge need for indigenous pastors to master English at least to the level of reading ability so that they can access theological materials in English.  I don't know how I would survive without English with almost all books published now in English though French, German, Dutch and Spanish have their own circle of readership. No one can deny over the past 20 to 30 years now English has become the world language not just in business, technology, science but also in all things theological.

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