Sunday, January 29, 2017

"The Lord is with the Good" (2 Chr 19, 11)

The last part of the last verse of ch. 19 of 2 Chronicles reads thus:"Deal courageously for the Lord is with the good". Being good is favoured by the Lord and is promised His continual presence. When we see a good person, we feel blessed and no one can but be edified or uplifted by the goodness of a person. In the NT, Barnabas is said to be a good person. He is generous to a fault and does so with the goodness of heart without grudgingly. When we see goodness we recognize it from a mile. We sense the goodness of the person and drawn to the intrinsic goodness. Even Jesus once declares that only God is good which attribute is surely divine as the Son of Man reserves that to be of the Father. But humans are also good like a leader in the Gospel who is said to be good for he does charity for the Jews and built synagogues for them. Goodness is bound to be repaid with goodness. If you are a good person you are in good company for God is good and you have Him as your friend. Your goodness flows from His goodness and out of his abundance we overflow with generosity.
I have often times experienced goodness for taste and see that the Lord is good. And often times His goodness is felt through human goodness, children who take after their heavenly Father shower goodness on others especially those in need. In the past week, I experienced much goodness. Even unbelievers recognise goodness when they see or hear of a kind deed. When I told my brothers how a Christian brother donated RM30,000.00 to renovate an old house for my dwelling at College, my brothers praised the kind deeds of such donors. One may be rich but even RM300.00 or RM3,000.00 may be a princely sum. And also from time to time even just last Wednesday when I was wondering how I was going to afford CNY, a kind Christian out of nowhere someone I barely knew whom I ministered in a church camp some 5 years ago gave me a gift or a big Ang Pau. She must be a good person "to bless you and your ministry". I can't repay all these acts of goodness but I know my God for He is with the good and those who have supported His servants will not be put to shame.

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