Friday, January 27, 2017

Conferences 2017

Last year by this time I had already purchased my tickets to Seoul with my wife for a Biblical Conference. I am thinking a bit farther this year with the SBL international meeting in Berlin (August) and what a good time to visit Martin Luther's homeland in Reformation's 500th anniversary. But there is also a tempting Society of Old Testament Study's centenary at King's College, London in mid July so if I go for both I will have a whole month in Europe. That's exciting as it will be my first trip to Christianitys cradle, though if I go there is no guarantee I will reach Rome.
I have a couple of papers written up not presented or published anywhere and it will good to present it in a scholarly conference before looking for a journal to have it published. Time for writing is in a premium, nowadays as I have to prepare lectures in Malay and translate the few English books I have for my courses.  I am encouraged to have received positive feedback from my English Club & Books. I read a passage of Scripture aloud, get my students to read it aloud a couple of times, pronounced difficult words for my students, explain the grammatical features, new vocabulary, and the like. Then I read a passage from a Christian book and the format is the still same and for the last half an hour get my students into small groups of 3 and converse n English while I make my rounds like a surgeon and dissect what is wrong and put in the right things.

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