Time of the Lord

Today I bought a new clock for my new village house. I love clocks as some of my students know and they say guru tepati waktu. Yesterday I preached a sermon entitled "the time of the Lord is near" in Malay. I have not preached a sermon in English since I got back in Sabah 30 months ago. But anointing flowed thankfully and I went for almost one hour. And a visitor came up to me and thanked me 4 or 5 times and he mentioned that it was like listening to a lecture (it may not be a compliment) as preaching is not a lecture but I think he meant it as a compliment in the sense that it was informative, interesting and uplifting. Perhaps to him a sermon or homily is usually boring and unrelated to life.
How sad. Whenever the Lunar New Year comes I have a second bite at refreshing myself for the year ahead. My resolution of reading the LXX on non teaching days has taken a hit as there are many activities, some as Chaplain I have to attend do and now beginning to travel itinerantly for preaching. Sermon preparation is time consuming as I don't repeat my sermons but wait on the Lord on what and how I should preach His Word. It's good to start in Kota Kinabalu and I have already three big meetings in March and April. One in Sandakan is due but I will try to put that off until July or August. I testified yesterday that two-third of my giftings is not used where I am currently but sometimes one needs to wait for the time of the Lord for if we humble ourselves in His time He will exalt us.


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