Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Earthquakes & Tremors

In the past two days I spoke of earthquakes, one on Sunday being one of the signs of the end time and last night I spoke about earth shaking events that would lead the wealth of nations coming into the church. I shared my experience of aftershocks and tremors in Ranau and after 3 months or so without much seismic activity, today at 3,44pm an earthquake measuring 3,4 Richter hit Ranau (see http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/01/31/mild-quake-hits-ranau/). Even for an earthquake of 5,9 that struck on 5th June 2015, tremors and aftershocks are felt for almost 20 months now and can last for several more months. It is very much like God's powerful works and when He acts, His action reverberates around the world as the Gospel mentions, the light shines and cometh into the world and darkness cannot overcome it. God's work is likened to an earthquake because its effects are felt far and wide and it works a deep work in the lives of those touched by the divine.
As for me, the call to return to Sabah more than 3 years ago continues to ripple and I can see out of the obedience to God's call many are blessed. On Sunday the church was uplifted when they listened to a sermon on Rev 1-3 for an hour and last night for only 30 minutes the Word of God shook the hearts of men and women and many came and thanked me. But praise be to God. It is not easy to preach to familiar people and but most listened intently to God's Word for those who are born again can discern the flow of the Holy Spirit explaining the Word and impressing on hearts and minds of Jesus' glory.

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