Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Unless You Speak I have nothing to say

I have been reluctant to accept speaking invitations but a few have come my way in the past week or two. But it will take some time before I could prepare my sermons. First up is 2nd day of Chinese New Year in KK. Then on Monday I shall be speaking at a church's first anniversary celebrations, also in KK. I will head back to College on Tuesday evening and things will be very busy from thence. Yesterday I taught morning and night Theology of the New Testament with the night class making up for the class I shall miss next Tuesday as I don't want to rush back to College with many of my family members gathering in KK for the CNY. Furthermore last Christmas I did not have any family time as I was in my final leg of preaching some 5 hours from KK. Today during community lunch I will lead prayers for President Donald Trump and world peace.
We will also pray the inclement weather as it has been raining nonstop for 10 days or so. Some students have fallen sick and we pray for protection over the long weekend holidays. Hearing God speak is never an easy thing. It is God and He is sovereign. It is His sheer grace that He speaks to us and like the Psalmist, we are troubled when He hides His face. Perhaps for a time so that we may eagerly seek after Him and be even more fervent in prayers as we cry out to Him. Will He not listen to His children who cry out to Him day and night? I can only give thanks to God that yesterday the kind donors came with their families about 12 of them in all to pray for the newly refurbished house that I have been staying in since 20th January, the day the new POTUS took over office and moved into the White House. I have my own White house and I speak in the name of the most high God, the President of Presidents and the King of kings.

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