Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Setting Goals 2017

I did not have much energy to plan for 2017 at the end of last year. After much travelling, comes weariness of the flesh and the mind and it took more than a week for me to get up and running and by the time I am awoken it is already 2017 and counting. I thought every year one must set goals and at the end of it reflect and evaluate how these goals are achieved or have fallen short. This year is no different. Last year I could only set short-term goals as I was involved in three different appointments or ministries. It was mostly out of my hand and I had to react the best I can. But this year I hope to settle into a more stable kind of ministry, teaching full-time at College and that means putting time and efforts into delivering lectures on three subjects. Unfortunately I won't be teaching Greek this year as in terms of priority at College now, English is more important than Greek.
Hopefully in a couple of years, Greek will find its place and gain traction among faculty and students. Teaching aside, my personal goals for 2017 are modest. I have already started to put them in place. On my non-teaching days (3 days week) I will spend an hour of Bible Study with particular emphasis on the Greek Septuagint. My second goal is also Greek-focused, that is reading ancient Greek for an hour a day using A Reading Course in Homeric Greek. Reading Hebrew OT and Greek NT is a given but in 2017 I hope to be more consistent especially when I am preparing for sermons and like. Spiritual goals are same as before, being more constant in prayers and hopefully setting time twice a day just for prayers, morning and evening. I hope by 2018, I will do the Daniel's thrice a day prayer with windows opened towards Jerusalem though in the age of grace, we stand before the heavenly Jerusalem and wherever and whenever we pray in Jesus' Name our prayers are heard by our heavenly Father. So the twin-goal for 2017, three hours Septuagint Bible reading a week and three hours of Ancient Greek (Homeric Greek) and by year's end, I hope these goals will be met by the grace of God.

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