Saturday, December 3, 2022

From Conception to Commerce

It has been a hectic two months of getting my book ready for publication and finally today a bookstore received copies of my newest book for sale. From conception of an idea of writing a book to the finish line, a commercial product sold in open market this has been my experience of getting four books published and sold within 3 years, from December 2019 to December 2022.

Can I write another four books in three years? I doubt very much as writing a book is about having an idea, a conceptual framework of a book is being birthed in one’s spirit and the first words typed on a keyboard. Writing a book, especially in the genre of a commentary is one of the hardest assignments in creative writing so to speak. Imagine you have to comment on every verse of a biblical book whether you like it or not and whether the verse is opaque or straightforward. 

Further, it requires mastery of a language and its grammar at least to a level understood by a serious reader of literature. Malaysia may have only one or two percent of its population that can be categorised as avid readers, so the market is small and smaller still is the Malay market, but big enough for me to give all my time and effort to writing as I seek after “the interests of Jesus Christ” which is the edification of His church and building up of the body of Christ in this part of the world called Sabah. I sent five copies to West Malaysia and I believe Sarawak is another lucrative market and Indonesia an even greater and bigger Christian community await my books on the Word of God.

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