Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Travelling Again & Books

Both my Malay commentaries are self-published, understandably so as Malay Christian literature is new and I doubt any publishers would want to take a chance to publish literature that has a limited audience, namely Malay speaking and reading Christians. I have sold more than 150 books of my Galatians commentary and my last 50 will be gone in no time. I will take at least 10 copies to my former Church when I preach there this weekend from Friday to Sunday. After that, I plan to meet up with a couple Christian leaders in Sandakan, and perhaps visit one church that I preached in their combined meeting in 2017. It was 5 years ago and it's time to catch up. After that, I will travel to Kota Belud, to "bless" or pray for a new house of a former church member.

This will be like a house church as the extended family are expected to gather for belated Christmas and New Year's celebrations. This former church member is especially precious to me and they (the whole family) took me and my wife for lunch at a high-end restaurant few months ago. When I think of it, they would be the only family who had invited us for a meal. A few pastors have called on me and we had drinks fellowship and only last Friday we had a lunch fellowship at A & W but I paid the bill with pleasure. 

When I saw the pastor last Sunday and it appeared that he was struggling financially, I returned the RM50.00 he paid for my book earlier. At least he has a job and steady income, but my God is great and He has done great things in my life and I can only declare His greatness by showing love to those less fortunate than myself. In the next few weeks, I shall be an itinerant preacher, a travelling scholar if there is such a job description. If I had to leave my church which I had served for more than 28 years, I shall be content. I have given them two commentaries one on John and the other on Galatians. And most fundamental doctrines can be garnered from these two biblical books and they shall do well if they read them diligently and practise what I share therein. "I rejoice to see my children walk in truth", as apostle John would say. I may save the last 10 books on Galatians for a quick Sarawak trip early February after the Lunar New Year and what I shall do after that, only God knows. "Here am I. Do unto Your servant as what Your Word commands". 

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