Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Short but Glorious Life

I tend to pay attention to small details when I read Scripture knowing that even in its jots and tittles are nuggets of precious truths. In Acts 13,25 it is said that John's life course was being completed when he confessed Jesus as the Christ, the coming one and not himself. In Greek, dromos means a race, a course, or career even and John's career was a short one but most significant and meaningful. By all accounts in the four Gospels, John's public ministry lasted less than a year, some even put it as 6 months. He baptised others and evidently taught his disciples but his crowning achievement was to point people to Christ. At that, it is said that he had fulfilled his dromos.
This is remarkable seeing that John did not perform a single miracle, none recorded as far as we know, but yet considered by Jesus to be the greatest man under the dispensation governed by the Law. Have we pointed someone to Jesus lately? I just reminded my son even as he seeks to kick start his career by looking to Jesus, the miracle worker. Are we doing something significant and meaningful? Only those who seek to exalt Jesus will have their careers charted for them by the Lord for the Lord knows all who belong to Him.

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