Monday, July 7, 2014

Men, Brothers, and Friends

Besides reading the Bible and increase my fitness levels, I have put high on my sabbatical agenda to spend more time, quality time with family and friends. I have started my sabbatical by honouring someone more than any other has determined the course of my life, especially the first half. But I know Christian brothers play a big part in God's plan for me. I am planning, God willing, a gathering of men to mark the first milestone in just over a fortnight.
On this sabbatical I am marking three most important milestones, the 2nd will be my 25th marriage anniversary. I am planning a surprise for my wife, my faithful companion and fellow sojourner and pilgrim with me. The 3rd towards the end of the year is likely to be with my SIB (Evangelical Church of Borneo) friends since it was 20 years ago I went into the interior of Borneo and lived among the Kadazan-Dusun peoples which launched my full-time ministry in the Lord.

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