Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Breasts of Jesus (Rev 1,13)

This morning I continued to study more about the word, mastos and found out that the plural form appears in Rev 1,13 where John saw one like a son of man, wearing a golden sash/belt on his breasts. Thus, the breasts of Jesus seem to a prominent part of the anatomy of the Son of Man in John's inaugural vision of Jesus in the book of Revelation. What do the breasts of Jesus signify? Breast or bosom is the intimate part that shields the heart. Perhaps from the heart of Jesus lies his authority to rule over nations. His rule or authority signified by the golden sash comes from the heart, a loving, just and compassionate ruler unlike the Beast who rules with hatred, deceit and an iron fist. Jesus' breasts are the reservoirs of his love for the church and the belt or sash could be a symbol of the church, lying at the bosom of her Lord and Master.
Like John, the author of Revelation who is also the beloved disciple in the fourth Gospel who lies at the bosom of Jesus during the last supper, now at the breasts of Jesus John hears the heart-beat of the Master and to them who draw nourishment from Jesus's breasts they will drink the milk of His Word, the mystery of the end-times. Rightly, for your breasts are more delightful than wine (Song of Songs 1,2b LXX).

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