Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Tenting Community

Moving house in the past fortnight has taught me some invaluable lessons. Perhaps I was getting too complacent, too rooted in one place. Though for the past 6 years I have treated my College flat as a big hotel room, where one checks in and then checks out. When I look at the lives of the patriarchs in the book of Genesis, our ancestors were a tenting community. Why is that so? For God reveals himself as a tenting God, "I have dwelt in tents with you" and God had moved from one place to another, guiding Israel all the way to the promised land.
In the letter to the Hebrews, Abraham's lifestyle is said to be a choice, a rational choice nonetheless for he looked to a city whose maker is God himself. Thus, it is written that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob dwelt in tents as a matter of choice, easy to be uprooted, easy to follow their God who is a tenting God. He will lead those whose lives are devoted to following Him where they are always on the move because they have heard Jesus' command to "Go" and "Make disciples of all nations."

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