Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flying & Evil in the World

I am still in shock. Lightning has struck twice for Malaysian airlines and Malaysia. I went to sleep 2 nights ago numbed when I heard the midnight news on MH17. I woke up yesterday and groaned and sighed before the Lord, the second occasion I felt such intense grief and anger towards the evil in the world. The first time I felt such anguish was the news on Benazir Bhutto's assassination from a terrorist act. Now 298 people on an airplane were blown to pieces within seconds. O! the evils and horrors of war. Humanity never changes. The heart of man is desperately wicked. Just for a piece of arid land, an island out in nowhere they will fight and kill. Even as Scripture says, for a loaf of bread man will lie. With modern weaponry, the world is a dangerous place. Nuclear accidents could happen, and wars are breaking out in various parts of the world. Since I conducted my last seminar on end-time in March at PJEFC, the world is spiralling out of control. In Iraq, Syria, Libya, Gaza, South China Seas and Ukraine. In fact I was speaking about air travel and people going to and fro in the end-time (Dan 12,4) when the news of MH370 gone missing began to filter through (10am 8th March). Now another airline is bombed into pieces by warring parties in the Ukraine-Russian border. Politicians make decisions that determine the fate of nations, the fate of individuals.
It is well and good for the Russian President to say that if the ceasefire had held and there was no resumption of hostilies this tragedy would not have happened. In the world, it is almost impossible to bring the perpetrators to justice, especially those who commit these horrible crimes are shielded by the great powers or that the great powers themselves are directly or indirectly responsible for these dastardly crimes. But be assured that justice will be done because one day all will stand before the judgement seat of Christ, from the politicians of the mightiest nations to the soldier on the ground, the rich and the poor, no one will be exempted from being judged according to what he has done in this life. And when you fly next time, say a prayer for there is inherent risk in air travel in the crowded skies.

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