Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Two-Week Man

I preached a sermon 10 years ago titled, "2-Week Man". It was somewhat intended as a pun to "Too-Weak Man", knowing Lord I am a worm and no man and all my strength is in You, Lord. Today I completed my 10-day packing journey and have fulfilled what I have preached that given 2 weeks I can move from my place to another. It was not without hiccups and plenty of help from family and friends. Six months after my sermon in my home-church, a good friend and deacon (now an elder) reminded me of my sermon and told me that he could not move in 2 weeks but perhaps in 2 months. I have few possessions though in the last 10 days I realized I had accumulated so many things, from shoes, slippers, hangers and mugs.
The owner of my new flat who helped me moved and made 4 trips doing so must be surprised how a little-known theologian could have so many little things -I am a worm and no man. I promised to give pay for a massage to sooth his muscle-ache (I am totally exhausted myself) seeing that he carried most of my things. In fact, now I know the meaning of my vision, the angels I saw in the Oct 2013 vision are the flat owner and his family. If you give a drink to a prophet you will receive a prophet's reward! Now I have a place to stay for the next few months without worries and I already have my big Bible in the desk in front of my bed-room. Speak O Lord your servant is listening!

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