Sunday, July 6, 2014

Preaching and Gifting

The gift of preaching is a gift from God. When the gift is operating and flowing, it is one of the most precious because it has to do with communicating God's heart and mind to His people. There is only one thing needful that is to bring God's people to Himself, his will and purposes through preaching. Even when bad preaching happens one learns something if one is humble enough. But today was something else. By the time the preacher opened his mouth I knew it was not his calling and not his gift to preach.
Even when a story is told it was so wooden. It was a rare emotion for me; several times I wanted to stand up and take over and preach. Obviously I did not but it was not nice to have such feelings throughout. What a shame that almost 200 people had to bear with such inept speaking. It is like watching an one-legged soccer player while Messi and Neymar are benched. It is almost a crime for those who should know better to put someone who has not an ounce of charisma or gifting to the pulpit. What is happening? No wonder people stood still, unmoved and unchanged by such preaching. For my sheep are hapless, they are like sheep without a shepherd and without a preacher. Will the preachers stand up?

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