Thursday, July 3, 2014

Honour your Father and Mother

Prime Minister-elect Modi visited his mother after he won the Indian election in a landslide. I visited my father on the first day of my sabbatical. I don't think I ever have had such a short stay, an 18-hour trip to Kota Kinabalu before flying back to Singapore the next day. My father was sitting on a chair waiting to be discharged. He was surprised to see me as I did not tell him I was coming. "Are you not here since 24th" he asked. I must have told him that 2 weeks ago but did not make the 24th June flight back to KK as there was so much packing to do. Apparently my dad has been waiting for me to see him since 24th and wondering why his eldest son had not shown up. How as parents we wait for our children to show up or to call. Now with whatapps (my mum on whatapps), is there any more excuse not to communicate with our parents?
My relationship with my father has been strained since I believed in Christ 32 years ago. I was seldom around when my parents needed me. My three brothers had filled in the gap admirably but the loss of an eldest son must be hard to take. My father was in his charming self yesterday, in command of the situation and joked with doctors and nurses. He introduced me to his doctor, "Doctor, meet Dr Siew my eldest son". He beamed with pride when he said that. The doctor replied, "another doctor?" "No," my dad said, "a PhD". I was embarassed and quickly told the doctor, "you are the real doctor and thank you for taking care of my father." I spent barely an hour with my dad and I rushed back to the airport to catch a flight back to Singapore.

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