Friday, July 11, 2014

"Ask of Me, I Shall Give You the Nations for Your Heritage"

Why are we not seeing more multi-cultural churches when the society around us is multi-racial? First, perhaps we are not praying enough. The house of God is a house of prayers and there is much cleansing work to do to restore the original purpose of the church even as Acts 2,42 states that they devoted themselves unto the prayers. Further, there must a concerted and constant effort to pray for the nations, pray for the salvation of each nation, not so much a political entity, a country but a people-group.
All groups or races must be saved and represented before the throne of His majesty as Rev 5 makes clear. As we pray for the nations, bringing each group before the Lord, the Lord of harvest will act to fulfill his promise, that is to beautify his house, church with a multitude of nations. It will happen when we pray to the Lord of nations and He will grant us the nations as our inheritance according to His word in Psalm 2,8. Even now those who sow and those who reap are rewarded for their labours.

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