Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sabbath is Timeless

I lost track of time today. I thought it was Friday. I missed the Brazil-Colombia match. Sabbath is timelessness. For a long time I have not experienced just the presence of God without any pressing concerns. God is a jealous God. No wonder He commands the Israelites to stop work in the 7th year. He wants us all for himself. He wants us to pay total attention to him and not to anything else. He wants us to spend all the time with him just as new lovers never seem to have enough time for one another. But my most pressing concern is to make sure all my bags and boxes stayed packed.
I am sleeping with most of my belongings surrounding me. I can't afford to unpack lest the Cloud may lift and I go again. In the meantime, time is no more for me and it is heaven on earth, at least in Clementi.

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