Thursday, January 7, 2016

24 Hours

I don't ever remember having a more exciting 24 hours. The new assignment has breathed new life to my ministry. We are made for new challenges and we shall do exploits in His Name. After returning from College, I went straight to organize the discipleship workshop for pastors and now perhaps graduating students. We have a Singaporean church leader coming to conduct the workshop. Timing is everything.
If I had received the appointment letter a few hours earlier the Ranau pastors fellowship would have not gone ahead with the workshop. Now I have committed to it despite having a huge task ahead of me in the coming weeks and months. Since the earthquake that killed 10 Singaporeans and 6 Sabahans I had a rhema that Singapore and Sabah are bound together spiritually. If Singaporeans want to come visit it is hard for me to resist. I have this sermon punch line about the lack of love in churches. A kind of rebuke for both Singaporean and Sabah Christians. For 6 years in Singapore none of 7 or 8 churches I went to did anything to welcome us as visitors or potential members. I also have this line for Sabahans. When the earthquake struck Ranau, 7 of my Singaporean friends made contact and asked how I was. Only 2 Sabahans bothered to call me. If not for an elder of my church who called me I might have resigned! God's glory departs when there is no love. The candlestick is removed from its place and the so called church is full of darkness. Righteous men and women stand in the gap and save their nation. If only there were 10 righteous men, God would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah.

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