Thursday, January 21, 2016

Point to Point

I have settled into a kind of routine. From point to point I travel from Ranau to Namaus, the village where the College is located in a 28-acre land. Often before 6am, I would drive the 25 min journey to College and back in Ranau after 5pm. Did not Jesus say, are there not 12 hours in a day and work while it is still day? Today was no different. I joined the students for breakfast at 6,30 am. Students are the most important component of a College and without them, the College would cease to find its rationale for existence. Last year I taught Year one students in Old Testament introduction. This Semester I am teaching Year 3 and 4 classes in Greek grammar and exegesis based on the first few chapters of John's Gospel. Today was another full day.
At 9.30 am, I met with 6 of the administration and support staff, including the two full time cooks. We probably have to let go one chef in light of the College finances. And I have been given the task of relaying bad news to the employee concerned.  Instead of three clerical staff we only have two now but as finances stabilise we probably need to hire another secretary to assist both the Principal and Academic Dean. At 11am, we have guests from Labuan island, one elder donated three LCD projectors. Now all 4 lecture rooms will be equipped. We had early lunch at 12.15pm as faculty met for the third time in 10 days. Besides matters raised under the previous minutes, I have a list of 10 topics in today's agenda. Fortunately, the meetings have been really smooth thus far, and we concluded at 3.30pm. Then I thought I walked about the College as it was work day for students. They worked from 2.30pm to 4.30pm from landscaping, clearing rubbish, cutting lawns, fixing blocked pipes to general cleaning around the place. As I was passing by a fish pond (each lecturer has a fish pond where they rear fish for food) one student offered me a coconut and with a few strokes of the parang, I was drinking fresh coconut juice under the hot afternoon sun. I was revitalized for a moment but by 4.40pm I felt my energy levels down and it was time to bid goodbye to my friends at College and return to Ranau.

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