Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I heard the word used frequently in Singapore. Now Malaysia's PM will recalibrate the nation's economy on 28th Jan. Recalibration is needed when new situations arise to cause one to adjust and adapt what has been planned. In the past week, I have to recalibrate my ministry in the Lord. I told my Academic Dean this morning I will just teach Greek 3 and not Hermeneutics. One course for a new acting Principal is plenty already since my church considers my role as pastor there as being full time despite taking on this new task at College. I have planned to start a discipleship class in church since early last year and I need to get that cracking and going. If not commenced by February, any New Year momentum would have been lost and gone. I have to prioritize and discipleship is not something that I can put off to another year.  Make disciples of all nations, baptising them...teaching them everything that I have commanded you (Matt 28,19-20). I am glad my deacons have risen up to the tasks.
At a meeting last Sunday, everyone was given a chance to speak about my role at College and how that would affect my pastoral ministry. My Deputy was on the dot when he encouraged deacons to speak up and if they did not agree to the new arrangement they should say so and I would have gone back to my HQ's leaders. But those who spoke up were positive. One thought what I was doing was unprecedented but he thought it was because of the gifting in the pastor's life that he could take on multiple tasks at the same time. He expressed pride in having such a pastor. One elder spoke out that despite the pastor spending less time in church he would want the pastor to stay on and give support to him while serving the Bible College as well. It was encouragement throughout and I left the meeting energized. The elders and deacons will have to work harder when the pastor is occupied elsewhere. I am thrilled to see unity among the leadership stronger than ever after one year into my pastorate.  All glory be unto God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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