Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Longest 12 hours

I got up twice after midnight and sought the Lord and opened the Bible and read. Lord you prepared for your beloved while he sleeps. I remember how I was awakened one late Monday afternoon from my sleep when I received news about the examination of my doctoral thesis. Yesterday I came back to office at 2pm after a long and happy day with my fellow pastors, chairing a meeting until 12 noon and then breaking for lunch and a birthday celebration for a colleague who turned 37. It was an exhausting day and I went up to the apartment just before 4pm to rest for the night's mid week service.  The phone rang twice at 4.30pm and I finally talked with the HQ's staff just before 5pm. I have been given an extra assignment at the Bible College while retaining my pastorate.
Both tasks are full-time jobs in themselves and I have no idea how I am going to juggle this new assignment with my current ministry. Coupled with my role of chair of the Ranau's Pastors fellowship I could humbly claim to have 3 jobs like the Deputy Minister of Malaysia who came under fire for suggesting Malaysians hold two jobs in view of the rising costs of living.  Soon I will have 3 homes. One in Ranau and another at the College, some 20kms away. I just looked at my wooden house at the College and I probably have to furnish it with at least a bed and new mattress and a mosquito net.

As I got up several times to pray in the early hours of the morning, I finally got up at 4,30 am and prayed some more and read the Bible. At 5.40am sharp I emailed my President and accepted the new assignment. Once that was done I had so much on my mind, what to do, and plans for the College. At 6.30am I drove to meet the Principal who is going on sabbatical but because I reached the COLLEGE way too early I stopped by Bongkud tamu and waited. I saw the Principal's what app group and knowing he was up I texted him at 6.50am and sought a breakfast appointment. By 7.15 am both of us were enjoying breakfast at Lohan Rest house about 5 kms from the college. By 8am we went back to the College and talked further for about 30mins and I took my leave and headed back to Ranau about 8.30 am. Like Boaz, as Naomi said,  "This man will not rest until he has taken care of the matter today" (Ruth 3,18).

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