Friday, January 8, 2016

Open Office

I asked only for a desk at the open office space so that I could stay close to my colleagues and work alongside them. It is open office concept, something I very much prefer. But being Asian and somewhat hierarchical, this morning when I visited the College again, the academic dean had seen fit to get me an enclosed office despite my protestations. As an office bearer, it seems that to some it is only proper one sits behind a desk in a closed door office. It is just my 2nd day at my new work place so I thought I better accede to what they had planned and not squabble over small matters.
We have a double story building/office with faculty and general staff having our desks at two levels. It is functional in many ways and the upper level has a faculty lounge where we have our morning tea fellowship. Early last year I taught one paper there as a visiting lecturer. This morning the academic dean asked me to teach one paper which I gladly accepted. I don't want to be a full time administrator with no teaching duties. When he asked whether I could teach a 2nd subject I politely declined. Now I am holding two full time jobs, one at College and one in church. I will only miss one midweek meeting in church as there are also several night meetings and services at College. I plan to attend my church's Wednesday mid-week meeting, and if possible Friday home groups and preaching on Sunday while I spend most of my day time hours from Monday to Friday at College.

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