Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rainbow of Hope

I don't remember seeing a rainbow over Ranau since I came until this early morning.  A beautiful rainbow with a streak of colours light up the morning sky. The last rainbow I really noticed was a double rainbow that I saw in Perth more than 2 years in my 49th year, the beginning of sabbath and Jubilee. Rainbow stands for hope after disaster. Noah saw a rainbow and God promised him that he would never destroy the earth by water again.
Today is the beginning of my new duties. The College is interviewing four candidates for clerical staff. A couple of staff had left over the end of the year break and one is leaving end of the month to be with her newly married spouse who is pastoring a church south of KK. But last night I texted the Treasurer of the College and asked for a finance report. We can't hire two new staff if the money is not there. With 10 lecturers and 80 full time students and hundreds more doing various part time courses on Campus and off Campus, good support staff is essential to the functioning of the College.

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