Friday, January 22, 2016

Being First

No one should take upon himself to lead unless called by God. Spiritual leadership requires absolute commitment and total sacrifice.  Or else why would Jesus demand his disciples to hate their father and mother if the call of God and ministry prevail upon them? To be first is usually taken as an honour and some covet and chase after positions of  leadership including church or Christian leadership. To be a leader is to serve or to be a slave of all. To be first is to be last. Being first means first to show love and first to obey and to act. For the past two weeks, I have been first to Chapel and sometimes I had been standing at the doors waiting for it to be opened at 7.30 am.  Several times I stood outside the office door waiting for the staff for open the doors. Soon I will ask for a set of keys but in the past week, I hope to set an example for being first to worship and first to work.
Since most stay in and are residential it is within a short walking distance for staff and students to get to the venues designated. But I have to take a 30 min drive from Ranau on most days to get to the College. There is no substitute in setting an example in Christian leadership. It does not mean setting an example is all there is in Christian leadership but it is the prerequisite that undergirds all other forms and manifestations of leadership. Today I announced several new initiatives for the College. We will publish a college magazine by early February hopefully the first of four for 2016. At noon we will take the first faculty photos and early next week, the whole College cohort, single and families and staff. One of my tasks is to promote the College within the denomination and outside the denomination and overseas. There are many sponsors wanting news from MTS. The magazine will serve to promote the college's vision and mission in theology. I am already planning to visit the biggest districts and SIB churches from March onwards. And if I am around long enough, I may go and visit several countries overseas next year.

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